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Hi, I'm Brian Hunt, editor of DailyWealth Trader.

My goal with DailyWealth Trader is to provide the best short-term and medium-term trading ideas.

I'll share my favorite ideas from across the markets. Some of these ideas will come from the best analysts at Stansberry Research... from the market's greatest money managers... and from my extensive network of contacts and industry "insiders."
You'll find all sorts of strategies in DailyWealth Trader. And I feature trades in many different asset classes.
  • •  One day, I might show you how to use a simple option strategy that will allow you to generate a 20%-plus annualized income stream on a safe blue-chip stock...
  • •  Or I might show you a speculation in a "boom and bust" sector – like commodities, biotech, or emerging markets...
  • •  Or I might suggest a low-risk, high-upside trade we turned up with "common sense" technical analysis...
  • •  Or I might show you how to trade a growth stock with 100%-plus upside potential...
  • •  Or I might teach you how to "time" value-focused, contrarian ideas for maximum gains...
I like to say we're "mercenaries" in DailyWealth Trader. We'll go wherever the market will pay us.
And it's working... Here are a few people who’ve written in to tell us about their extraordinary results. Please keep in mind: to protect these folks privacy, I list only their first name and last initial:
"I want to thank you for directing me to my very first trade last August which made a nice gain last December thru a merger that you said was likely by 213. I bought it because it was cheap and I did not have much to invest. It got me started and now I have as much as $65,000 invested in a single stock which I have already cashed-out $25,000 in profits from, HUGE for me." – Phil C.
"Over the past 12 months, I've earned at least $2,600, on 10 trades, with no losses! Congratulations!!" – Robert B.
"I think I have made over $50,000 since my subscription. Went up $1,500 today." – Gary O.
It's important to know that any money you make depends in large part on how much you invest, and your results could vary dramatically from person to person. But the fact is, some of my subscribers are making a killing.
Here’s how DailyWealth Trader works…

Your Daily Issue

Every day the market is open, we'll e-mail you your DailyWealth Trader issue around 10:30 a.m. Eastern time.
In every issue, you'll find...
A brief write-up of the day's opportunity.
Keep in mind, I won't necessarily send you a new trade recommendation each day. How many new trades I feature will depend on the market. But you'll receive insight and actionable advice in every issue. And I average two or three trading ideas a week.
I keep this section short. You can read it in less time than it takes you to drink your morning cup of coffee.
The Stats Box.
Inside, you'll find a quick summary of the trade and exit guidelines. You'll also see other helpful information including the potential return... the trade's timeline... the minimum investment I recommend... and a general sense of how much risk I see in the trade, provided you follow my exit guidelines.
Trading Notes.
In this section, I'll bring you news and updates on my recommended trades.
The Training Center.
In the Training Center, I'll offer links to more information about the day's trade or idea... educational materials that will provide step-by-step instructions for making a trade... and anything else I think will add value for you.
A Question and Answer section.
If you have a question about a trade or strategy, you can email me. I answer the most frequently asked questions from readers just like you every day. (I've published responses to well over 1,000 questions so far.) This is a tremendous resource, especially if you're new to trading.
Take a look at a few letters I've gotten from real readers...
"Thank you so much for all your work in producing a truly outstanding and extremely educational daily newsletter!" – Richard S.
"You've taught me how to overcome the destructive habits I had acquired in investing. Everything I do now is calculated, conservative and profitable." – Terry G.
"I have learned so much from your service. It has been such a blessing to my family... Subscribing to your service has been one of the best things I have ever done. Keep up the good work and the ideas coming." – Marty G.

Training & Education

If you're new to trading, I have lots of other resources available to you in my online Training Center. For example, I helped create a 12-video series called "The Three-Minute Trading Expert" with my DailyWealth Trader co-founder, Amber Lee Mason. In these videos, Amber explains some of the most important ideas for successful trading.
Here's one of my favorites:

The Most Important Thing Ever Said About Trading

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Brian Hunt
Editor, DailyWealth Trader



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