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Nobody's Throwing Rose Petals at My Feet

By Dr. Steve Sjuggerud
Monday, October 30, 2017

"It was hard to get meetings," a China-fund manager told me last week.
He was traveling in the U.S. to spread the China stock story to anyone who would listen.
Turns out, nobody would...
"I wish it wasn't the case, candidly, Steve. I managed to fill the schedule. But not necessarily with several top-tier firms," he said.
The China-fund manager was positive, though...
"The lack of interest in China makes me more bullish," he told me. "Investors still don't appreciate what is taking place in China today.
"When folks are throwing rose petals at my feet, and I'm too busy to return your phone call, that's my ultimate sell indicator."
We're not there yet...
It's crazy to me that investors aren't interested...
Subscribers to my True Wealth China Opportunities newsletter are up 46% year-to-date on our simple four-fund China portfolio. And they're up more than 38% on our China stock portfolio.
But nobody around the world cares...
Shockingly, $4.5 billion has flowed OUT of China exchange-traded funds (ETFs) globally so far this year.
Most importantly for you, we're still early in this China trade...
You might not know it, but China has two stock markets – one in Shanghai, and the other across the border from Hong Kong in Shenzhen.
The benchmark index in Shanghai – the SSE Composite Index – is up around 9% in the last 12 months. The Shenzhen Composite Index has performed even worse – it's actually down 2% over the last 12 months.
Meanwhile, as I explained to my subscribers in my China Opportunities letter last week, $1.7 trillion could flow into Chinese stocks by the end of 2019.
Sure, my subscribers are up – a lot – in China. But we'll see a lot more to come...
Nobody cares about Chinese stocks today. Billions of dollars have flowed out of China ETFs this year. And China-fund managers can hardly find someone willing to give them the time of day.
This is not what a top looks like. When this fund manager won't take my call (because he's too busy basking in rose petals), then I'll know we're at the top.
We're a long way from that today. This is more what a bottom looks like than a top.
It's time for you to get some money into Chinese stocks, if you haven't already.
I promise, you haven't missed it yet. It's time to take action... Buy China, now...
Good investing,

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