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How A Mentor of Mine Is Making Money OUT of Stocks Now

By Dr. Steve Sjuggerud
Monday, January 13, 2014

One man has taught me more about making money OUTSIDE of the stock market than anyone else in my career...
His name is Van Simmons.
Van is the president of David Hall Rare Coins... and one of the most knowledgeable minds in the world on coins, stamps, and just about any other collectible you can think of.
Making money OUTSIDE the stock market is a great skill to have... particularly when the market is starting to look as toppy as it did in 2000 – shortly before the dot-com bubble burst.
So how do you make real money outside the stock market today?
Last night, I had dinner in Orlando with Van and his son Austin (who works for Van now). I asked him what he's interested in right now, OUTSIDE of the stock market… and what he sees as a great value for our subscribers outside of financial investments…
Van told me he's personally buying collectibles that he thinks are dirt-cheap... including some Civil War-era stuff and some 1960s rock music stuff. (I don't want to go into the specific items, because Van is busy accumulating them.)
For all of these collectibles, Van is following his typical method of operation...
He only buys 1) the highest-quality stuff, 2) from important/passionate moments in history, and 3) at a price that he thinks is reasonable. He has learned this is the stuff that continually goes up in value over time.
I remember Van telling me, "It's easy to buy a Civil War gun – they're widely available. But it's hard to buy a REALLY NICE Civil War gun. The REALLY NICE ones are the ones that will go up in value the most."
Van takes the same philosophy to the coin market...
Last night at dinner, he explained that the higher end of the rare-coin market ($10,000-plus per coin) has held up just fine when gold has crashed. This is because "the people that buy higher-end coins accumulate them and put them away. They don't really sell them."
Van is a strong believer in the higher end of the U.S. coin market... You see, when rare coins finally do take off, this is the part of the market that will soar the most, because there will be no new supply.
Van is also getting active in China... The Chinese are apparently going crazy for their own historical collectibles. A company Van founded ( has opened an office in China, and demand in China has blown away his expectations. This could be a significant portion of the company's business, quicker than he ever thought.
I'm just scratching the surface here... I could go on about Van's ideas right now... but I don't need to...
You see, the great thing with Van is, you don't need to have millions of dollars invested to talk with him. You could never get Warren Buffett on the phone to talk stocks... But for my readers, Van is always a phone call away.
If you're looking for ways to put money to work outside of the financial markets, I suggest getting in touch with Van at 800-759-7575 or I receive nothing for recommending Van. I just know he has done a great job for my readers over the years.
You'll be glad you did...
Good investing,

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Market Notes

Yahoo (YHOO)... search engine
Google (GOOG)... search engine
Baidu (BIDU)… China's Google
Facebook (FB)... social media
Cigna (CI)… insurance
Becton-Dickinson (BDX)... medical devices
PowerShares Pharmaceuticals Fund (PJP)... Big Pharma stocks
iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Fund (IBB)... biotech stocks
Blackstone Group (BX)... private equity
Morgan Stanley (MS)... financial services
E*Trade (ETFC)... brokerage firm
Charles Schwab (SCHW)... brokerage firm
JPMorgan Chase (JPM)... bank
Wells Fargo (WFC)... bank
Capital One Financial (COF)... credit cards
Visa (V)… credit cards
MGM Resorts (MGM)... casinos
Wynn Resorts (WYNN)... casinos
Amazon (AMZN)... online retailer
Constellation Brands (STZ)... booze
Sturm, Ruger (RGR)… guns
Smith & Wesson (SWHC)… guns
Delta Air Lines (DAL)... airlines
BP (BP)... Big Oil
Cheniere Energy (LNG)... natural gas exports
Alcoa (AA)... aluminum miner
Lockheed Martin (LMT)... "offense" contractor

Not many… it's a bull market!

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